04 November 2008

originality always wins

well it's election day here in the good old united states and whatever your political views, i urge you to exercise your right to vote.

in keeping with the theme of personal choice, i ran across this article on style bubble this morning and i think it is very refreshing. susie (along with agathe from style bytes) was the first fashion blogger that i started reading and i have long admired her originality and creativity when it comes to fashion. i could never wear half of the stuff she does, but she always looks fantastic and i am constantly inspired by her choices. fashion would be much less interesting if everyone looked the same--even if we all look really chic and sophisticated :) just a thought.

(all photos from style bubble)


WendyB said...

The world needs people who march to their own beat. Keeps things lively.

simply.steph said...

I cant believe all the negative comments left on her posts, she has an amazing sense of style. I mean I myself have gained the esteem to wear things in public that I would have never had the guts to like 2 years ago. with inspirations like her.