30 October 2008

ebay finds: capes

we've created a new weekly feature - ebay finds - which stems from our love of vintage, shopping, and ebay. each week we'll choose a piece of vintage clothing, jewelery, or an accessory to shop for on ebay and post our best results here. this week i've been browsing for the infamous cape. so many options so little time...

this first cape is from california vintage connect. i love the colors and the length is nice for shorter girls. at $10.50 it's a steal.

this is my favorite find. the color and the overwhelming size make me so happy. it's from shop blue bird apparel and is only $9.99

this third cape is a bit more tame but the off-center buttons are a really nice detail. $14.99 over at le robo store.

this brown cape is also from shop blue bird apparel (they have some great pieces) $12.00 - someone please take this home!

another good everyday cape can be found over at thriftwares. i like the way she styles it with the belt and at $42 it's not bad.

here's a really cool sherlock holmes-ish version of the cape from california vintage connect (again, i know- they have good clothing!). the color is just so great. i'm tired of wearing black all winter. if this wasn't a large i would be watching it in my ebay favorites. $41.00

anything special you'd like us to shop for? let us know!


jessie said...

i love that second one. so great.

glory said...

hi i lo capes to, i already have one, grate seleccion of pix..... besos