30 October 2008

ebay finds: capes

we've created a new weekly feature - ebay finds - which stems from our love of vintage, shopping, and ebay. each week we'll choose a piece of vintage clothing, jewelery, or an accessory to shop for on ebay and post our best results here. this week i've been browsing for the infamous cape. so many options so little time...

this first cape is from california vintage connect. i love the colors and the length is nice for shorter girls. at $10.50 it's a steal.

this is my favorite find. the color and the overwhelming size make me so happy. it's from shop blue bird apparel and is only $9.99

this third cape is a bit more tame but the off-center buttons are a really nice detail. $14.99 over at le robo store.

this brown cape is also from shop blue bird apparel (they have some great pieces) $12.00 - someone please take this home!

another good everyday cape can be found over at thriftwares. i like the way she styles it with the belt and at $42 it's not bad.

here's a really cool sherlock holmes-ish version of the cape from california vintage connect (again, i know- they have good clothing!). the color is just so great. i'm tired of wearing black all winter. if this wasn't a large i would be watching it in my ebay favorites. $41.00

anything special you'd like us to shop for? let us know!

29 October 2008

because we are ridiculous most of the time

so, it was my birthday this past weekend (oct.26th to be exact) and in honor of the occasion, i thought it would be fun to post a few outtakes from our fashion blogging adventures. although we consistently appear forlorn in our photos, what you probably don't know is that kristin and i are ridiculously silly 90% of the time. so here are some of our more normal moments (trust me, there are TONS more of these--we take many more awkward pictures than we do non-awkward). this is just barely scratching the surface...

(ok, this one is not a funny facial expression but i love that we bought the same shoes!)

28 October 2008

ebay fun

i'm pretty much addicted to shopping on ebay for vintage clothing. there's something about being able to browse all high-waisted skirts or size 8 1/2 shoes that really appeals to my inner organizer. i also think there's a lot to be said for walking away the "winner" of an auction- the thrill of victory can be a little bit like crack. and, as you probably guessed, i'm coming down off a high right now.

last night i won this great wool jacket. the details at the shoulders and collar totally won me over. the downside is i'm already jonesing for my next fix!

like what you see? check out thefamilyvintage on ebay. but be forewarned, I have my eye on that leather trench...

23 October 2008

old man pants

i have been on a hunt for the perfect pair of old man pants for several years now. as far as thrift stores finds go, they rank up there with the always elusive perfect leather jacket. i finally found a pair that are workable. they are obviously too big in the waist, but work well paper-bagged with a belt (without a belt they fall down around my ankles. haha). plus, i really like the shape, they are just baggy enough.

i am still playing around with them though and searching for the perfect top/cardigan/jacket combo to wear on top. so far, i am really pleased with my old guy purchase.

(shirt: AA (kristin's), pants: thrift, belt: kristin's, shoes: chinese laundry)

22 October 2008

the run-around

i wear this every weekend while running around doing errands- or at least a slight variation. it's hard for me to take these black jeans off. not very exciting but oh so practical and comfortable. it's odd that i find this outfit so unattractive but love it all the same. i've actually been feeling that way about a lot of my clothes lately. let's hope i'm just in a fashion funk...

gazillion year-old jean jacket, f21 scarf, old navy mens' shirt, urban outfitters jeans, aldo shoes

21 October 2008

see, i'm magic! (not really)

so this week, kristin and i were both a bit crazy (which is normal actually) and we ended up with a lot of action shots and odd poses. yes, it looks like i'm getting dressed in these photos, but actually i'm just showing you guys one of my favorite tricks: turning dresses into skirts.

this dress was found at thrift store in the south (where i'm from originally) and is made of this really light, sheer fabric. the downside is that it tears easily, but the upside is that i can turn it into a skirt. i just simply fold the dress in half at the waist and tuck the top part into the skirt (you can see the reverse of this in the last 3 pics). this time i belted it, but in the past i have just tied the arms around my waist and made a high-waisted panel of sorts with the material. it works surprisingly well.

(dress: thrift, blouse: thrift, cardi: old navy, belt: f21, shoes: chinese laundry)

20 October 2008


i find myself wearing this jacket/scarf/glove combo at least three times a week. it's only fair that my outerwear makes an appearance on the blog...

and because you should know that most of the time i look like a huge dork...

club monaco jacket, thrifted scarf, grandmother's leather gloves

17 October 2008

more ways to love

well, it's official-you can use the link below to follow us using the new bloglovin' rss reader site. i just signed up for an account today (i'm more of a bloglines kinda girl myself) but i already see the benefits of using bloglovin' for my daily fashion reads. it's actually pretty great and all your blogs are easily and clearly organized. of course, now i have two rss readers to visit everyday...the more the merrier, right?

feel free to follow us on bloglovin' and if we should follow your blog or if you know of other blogs we need to be reading, please leave them for us in the comments. :)

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16 October 2008

short shorts

scarves in summer. shorts in winter. what's the world coming to?

club monaco shorts and shirt, aldo shoes

15 October 2008

big stripe, little stripe

the love affair with all things striped continues. for someone who doesn't consider themselves a "pattern person" i do wear a lot of stripes and plaid. hmm...

one of my favorite things to do with stripes is to mix the different sizes together. as long as you keep it (reasonably) in the same color family, you should be able to get away with it. one of my favorite combos is a larger black stripe with a small navy stripe, as seen in the pics below.

i also had to include a pic of my new shoes that i purchased this weekend at f21. i don't know if anyone else has noticed, but f21 is killing it with the shoes lately. great stuff in the shoe section every time i go in. as my roommate put it, these are "savage." i completely agree.

cardi:f21, tank: h&m, scarf: h&m, boyfriend jeans: gap, shoes: f21

14 October 2008

black, gray, and blue

i wore this out last week to a beck concert. obviously i don't get out much because if i did i would have known that this is way too much clothing to wear to a hot, sweaty show. it was easy enough to lose the jacket but i think there would have been a problem if i'd taken my boots off...

thirfted navy blazer, american apparel tshirt, richard chai for target skirt, steve madden boots, vintage necklaces

13 October 2008

oversize me

i bought this lovely oversize sweater/cardigan at a thrift store a couple of weekends ago and have been wearing it non-stop ever since. i love how baggy and comfortable it is. it is perfect with rompers, dresses, jeans, shorts...everything really (ok, i am a bit obsessed) but seriously, it really is perfect for fall.

is anyone else loving the super oversized cardis this fall?

cardi:thrift, romper: f21, tank: h&m, tights: target, boots: danielle's

09 October 2008

maybe i'm crazy, but i would totally wear this

maybe this is a side effect from looking at too many beautiful and bizarre runway collections these past few weeks, but when i first saw these photos from antony's ep release show all i could think about was how much i wanted to wear one of these dresses. they are all interesting, but i love the one in the third photo the most. i desperately need that dress in my life. such gorgeous detailing and draping.

i think they look like what would happen if comme des garcons signed on to do wardrobe for a david lynch movie. maybe that's just me though...

also, sorry for the lack of outfit posts. kristin and i have both been extremely busy with work lately and haven't had a spare second to take some decent shots. we will be catching up this weekend though, so thanks for bearing with us!

(photos via brooklyn vegan)

08 October 2008

not so cold shoulder

something i've noticed while flipping through images of the spring 2009 fashion shows is the overwhelming emphasis on shoulders. dresses, coats, and shirts on either side of the atlantic have been reworked and rethought to highlight an area that most of us would never give a second glance. here are some of my favorite photos from the past few weeks which accentuate the shoulder.

the ubiquitous balmain jacket which I love despite the slightly skeletal shoulders

nice pleating details on the shoulders of this calvin kleinn dress

over-sized, slightly 80s shoulders from chloe

shoulder adornments at comme des garcons

costume national's lapel becomes one with the shoulders

gareth pugh's shoulders have practically sprouted wings

teeny-tiny, puffy shoulders from Lanvin

Luella's verson of the one-strap asymetrical dress. variations on this theme were in so many shows...

oragami-like shoulders at Alexander McQueen

photos from www.style.com