30 August 2008

weekend thrifting

kristin and i went thrifting this morning and had great luck. we can't wait to share everything with you guys! here's a few pics of some of the amazing stuff we found (plus me wearing my new obsession-a blazer, found in the little boys section! i never want to take it off, i love it).

have a great holiday weekend!

29 August 2008

men in suits

it's taken me awhile to grow up and admit that i love a man in a suit as much as i love a man in a great pair of jeans and a worn-in tshirt. there's just something very confident about the way men wear a suit (or any dress-y separates really). i'm guessing it gives guys the same confidence boost that a pair of great heels gives a girl?

(all photos via the sartorialist)

28 August 2008

the long and short of it

this skirt use to be about two feet longer- it looked scary and more than a little amish. jessie and i found it thrifting together and she was savy enough to tell me to take it home. after a good wash and a trip to the tailor's it's my all time favorite skirt. the pockets, the color, and the pleats are all perfection.

jcrew tank, vintage skirt, aldo platforms, club monaco belt, grandmother's necklace

27 August 2008

neutrals? yes, please.

i really love basic, neutral colors. you have probably already noticed this, and i am sure it will be more obvious as time goes on. my wardrobe consists mainly of tan, cream, brown, black, navy and of course, gray. i'm totally fine with my absence of "color."

p.s. the shoes are my new booties, which you will be seeing MUCH more of as autumn sneaks up on us.

dress: vintage, clutch: f21, belt: f21, tights: target, booties: naughty monkey

26 August 2008

jumping on the lace bandwagon

inspired by the prada fall 2008 show and all of the bloggers who have experimented with this look before me, i knew i just had to give it a go too.

grandmother's dress, express lace tights, h&m booties

25 August 2008

proof that cheap can sometimes be chic

like most people, i hate spending a ton of money on clothing. it is just so not necessary. actually, some of my favorite pieces in the world (and the ones that get the most reaction from people) are from thrift stores. i'm sure most of you could probably say the same. that being said, these pants were quite a surprise from a random trip to forever 21. they are well made (especially by f21 standards) even double lined! i love them, they are the perfect amount of drama without being out of control.

blouse: vintage, pants: f21, belt: f21

23 August 2008

i want candy

i've always likened jewellery to candy- something about the luster, the colors, and the scale. here are some of my favorite pieces.

vintage brooches in black stemless wine glass, necklace from New Delhi in antique sugar bowl, kenneth cole earrings in grandmother's martini glass

22 August 2008

yet another reason to love h&m

as if i needed one. i found these pants at h&m this past june and instantly fell in love with them. they came with a belt/tie around the waist that is made from the same material and meant to be tied like a bow. i however, am not really a bow type of girl (and a co-worker also told me that i looked like a present). so, i've replaced it with a belt of my own. the only slight problem with the pants: they balloon and pucker in odd places sometimes. oh well, just makes life that much more interesting, right?

pants: h&m, belt:vintage, tank: h&m, shoes:aldo mirror platforms

21 August 2008

used & abused

this past weekend Jessie and I were lucky enough to take part in a photo shoot for our friend's new vintage clothing store on ebay. the shop, Used & Abused, offers original re-worked vintage clothing. with open backs and higher hem lines as some of their signature alterations, the pieces really trandscend the years working amazingly well today.

so this past saturday, for about eight hours, I tried on the most amazing outfits while Jessie and our friend styled the looks with an endless supply of shoes, socks, jewelery, belts, and hats. basically it was three girls playing dress up, fueled by spanish food and a bit of gin. in other words, it was heaven. here are some of my favorite looks. all of the clothing should be available soon at Used & Abused's ebay store.

Aren't the shoes great too? I'm trying to figure out if I can possibly afford the Tod's booties in the last photo and how I can borrow/walk in Jessie's shoes from the first photo...

20 August 2008

guys to love...

i will admit, i love guys who do their own thing style-wise--easy, uncomplicated and with a complete disregard for rules and trend. no one better exemplifies this to me than tom waits. besides having a great love for his music, i am also really fascinated with his whole look/persona. the hats, blazers/suits, worn-in tees, disheveled hair and broken-in boots mixed with a general roughness around the edges really gets me.

(and no, it's not the bad boy attraction...i consider him more enigmatic than anything else)

that being said, this guy below (found by the sartorialist, naturally) really captures the look perfectly, no?

19 August 2008

wishing the summer away

towards the end of august I'm always over-eager for fall to begin. maybe it's the thick, glossy autumn magazines or perhaps the anticipation of layering. this year one thing's for sure- I'm itching to break out my new vintage coats!

first 3 photos: Used & Abused vintage cape, club monaco belt, h&m booties -- second 3 photos: grandmother's mink coat from the 50s, parasuco jeans, grandmother's feather lariat necklace from the 60s, vintage red studded heels from the brooklyn flea

18 August 2008

black magic

lately, i've been really obsessed with finding a long black jumper. it is such an easy, complete look (or maybe i'm just lazy). while the shorts versions are very cute, sometimes they can feel a bit too five year old/romper-ish on me (i'm only 5'3''). this one is perfect though, i couldn't be happier.

next up on the thrifting wish list: coveralls a la punky b

jumper: vintage (from used and abused vintage), shoes: aldo mirror platforms, belt: kristin's