17 November 2008

back in black

hi everyone! we are officially back this week, after being unofficially away for the first part of november. life just gets crazy busy sometimes, you know? we missed you all immensely! :)

so, on to why you are really here...i found this crazy tunic/dress shirt contraption this weekend when i was thrifting with my lovely friend pamela. i will admit, she saw the beauty of this thing long before i did. it took me a hour or so to warm up to it (luckily, they had five of them for some odd reason). pamela and i are both proud owners now.

despite being hesitant about it (the shiny threads threw me off) i really, really love this tunic. i wore it immediately out that night, over my roommate danielle's perfect, all-purpose black dress that i have now claimed as my own. the sleeves on this thing are crazy. i don't know if the pictures do it justice, but they are really wonderful and full but banded at the cuffs. my number one complaint with most full sleeves tops is that they lack structure at the cuff and just float and flutter about and i'm just not into the floaty and the fluttery. nor am i that into the metallic shimmer either, but the structure was just too weird to pass up and i think the black:metallic ratio to sufficient enough so i don't feel like a walking disco ball.

(oh! and i never, never wear jewelry but something about this ring got to me. i look very boho, i know, but i love it. it was a big night of being outside of my comfort zone. haha!)

(tunic:thrift, black dress: danielle's closet, huge ass ring: f21, tights: h&m, boots: danielle's closet)


kristin said...

I love the tunic so much! it really looks great on you :)

Market Publique said...

Love how our new dress thingy looks on you! Mine just came out of the wash, so I will try to take pictures soon.
Man, we did some damage thrifting! SO much fun! Let's do it again!
xo, Pamela

jessie said...

kristin: thanks! you should definitely borrow it...

pamela: yay! i know, i was so hesitant about it, but i really love it. i can't wait to see what you do with it! :) and yes, we will definitely be thrifting together again soon!