27 February 2009


When I Grow Up from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

i can't stop watching this video. i can't get that feather covered, native american inspired full body leotard out of my head...i want to wear it.

26 February 2009

old habits die hard

yes, it's true. i am back in my suspender phase. wait, actually i don't think i ever documented this on the blog--it may have been before the blog's time--but i had a hardcore suspender phase last spring/summer. i wore them with anything that i could make them to fasten to. haha.

i have also really been loving this little grey skirt with the pockets. it was a lucky f21 find and i love that you can dress it up or down easily (let's be honest though, i usually dress it down). i've worn it a million different ways, it is a great base for experimentation. also, the shirt is quickly becoming a favorite and i think everyone will be seeing lots more of it once spring finally gets going. it's just sheer enough that i can wear a black bra and not feel totally risque. love it.

(shirt: f21, suspenders: h&m, skirt: f21, tights: h&m, boots: can't remember??)

25 February 2009

danielle's 1st post--ahem, and favorite jeans.

okay so i'm new to this blogging business, but here goes...
i bought these amazing levi cords at a secondhand shop in my hood. they were still brand new with the tags on. SCORE!
they've since become my favorite go-to jeans for several reasons: they are sooo comfortable, they have a bit of stretch which makes the fit great, i love the stitching detail--western, but not honky tonk. i've been kind of trying to find my inner-cowgirl, but i'm not really ready to be chewing on straw...
what's also fun about these jeans, is that apparently they're a discontinued style in the u.s. by levis. i only learned this from a few lovely gals who stopped me on the street to demand, 'where on earth did you find those!?' one lass told me they still sell them, but only in japan. score city.

im wearing them here with a pair of badass high-top asics (like those wrestler sneaks..?). they're also a fav, but not pictured. you'll see them soon enough!

(tank: h&m, necklace: upstate garage sale find, jeans: black levi's western boot cords, ring: iskin from materia urbana boutique in buenos aires. ) 

24 February 2009

ladies (and gentlemen), we have a new blogger!

surprise! we have a new blogger joining the team. i am super psyched to introduce you guys to my fabulous roommate danielle. most of you are already familiar with her (well at least her clothing and shoes-which i would usually steal and wear in my outfit posts). haha. d is an all-around amazing gal and i can't wait for you guys to get to know her and see her great style.

but that's not all...we have yet another new addition to our little blog. andrew michael casey has graciously agreed to photograph our shenanigans. andrew is a talented photographer based in brooklyn and i also can't wait for everyone to see more of his work. in fact, you should check out his site (andrewmichaelcasey.com) and get a better idea of where he's coming from and why we are so excited to be working with him.

so, expect to see some new faces and a new look (nothing drastic though, don't worry!) AND just to show you that not too much has changed, i leave you with some photographic proof of mine and danielle's silliness. nothing but good times ahead guys.

21 February 2009


regular posting will begin again on monday (2/23)!! we have a couple of surprises for you guys and we can't wait to be back! ;)

see all of you soon.