19 November 2008

the old standby

kristin did a post a few weeks ago about her favorite go-to outfit for the fall/winter season, so now i am going to share mine with you guys. i know everyone has a certain outfit or clothing combo that we all grab when we are running late, oversleep, are feeling indecisive or uninspired, etc. (i usually have at least one of those things going on every morning, so this outfit gets out more than it should!)

lately it's been a basic dress (99% of the time it's black) and a super comfy, super oversized cardigan (i have many that i've picked up at thrift stores over the years). since it's wintertime, that also means tights and boots, both in black usually.

yeah, it's a bit boring and super basic but it gets the job done you know?

p.s. the cardigan below was picked up this weekend on my thrifting adventure and i noticed when i was doing laundry that it's actually an armani (or maybe a knock off?) i have no idea and don't care either way, it's just amusing to me. actually, i hope it's a knock off, owning an armani knock off from the '80s is much more entertaining that owning a real armani.

(cardigan: thrifted, dress: danielle's, tights: h&m, boots: danielle's)


Wendy said...

The cardigan is such a lucky find.

glory said...

love the cardigans are so warm an contruble.... saludos

jessie said...

thanks guys! :)