21 November 2008

...and the theme continues

so i guess it is "dress in your boyfriend's clothes" week for us. totally not intentional, but i like how the theme has just come up out of nowhere. :) i promise, next week it will be all pink, girly and involve lots of bows and ruffles (not true).

anyhoo, i found this army jacket at a thrift store this summer and had to have it. it is originally from target (i think) but i just love how ridiculously huge it is. i am not sure where my sudden fascination with extremely large sweaters and jackets came from, but i can't seem to get enough. maybe it's that i find the weird proportion of such a large garment on such a short person amusing? who knows. i kind of like to feel like i'm being swallowed by fabric, it's oddly comforting, especially during winter. (i have no claustrophobia issues, obviously. ha)

(hat:f21, army jacket: thrifted, cream oversized sweater: thrifted, black dress: danielle's, tights: h&m, boots: danielle's)


Market Publique said...

Love it! And it looks like you're warm too!

WendyB said...

You look adorable, but the concept of an army jacket from Target cracks me up!

jessie said...

pamela: thanks! it is surprisingly warm :)

wendy: haha, i know! but the tag says "mossimo" i swear!

the_kitten said...

wow, all the outfits you posted this week are exceptionally great without exception!!! I do love men's wear for its slouchiness and am definitely a sucker for exactly that.

jessie said...

the_kitten: thanks so much! :) i know, you can't beat the comfort of men's wear. it's the best, especially when it is so cold outside!