17 October 2008

more ways to love

well, it's official-you can use the link below to follow us using the new bloglovin' rss reader site. i just signed up for an account today (i'm more of a bloglines kinda girl myself) but i already see the benefits of using bloglovin' for my daily fashion reads. it's actually pretty great and all your blogs are easily and clearly organized. of course, now i have two rss readers to visit everyday...the more the merrier, right?

feel free to follow us on bloglovin' and if we should follow your blog or if you know of other blogs we need to be reading, please leave them for us in the comments. :)

Follow my blog with bloglovin´


kristin said...

very nice! thanks for getting us on there :)

Market Publique said...

Already followin'!
Love your blog. <3

jessie said...

kristin: of course! :)

market publique: pam! i'm so glad to see you on here!! so glad you like to blog too :)