21 October 2008

see, i'm magic! (not really)

so this week, kristin and i were both a bit crazy (which is normal actually) and we ended up with a lot of action shots and odd poses. yes, it looks like i'm getting dressed in these photos, but actually i'm just showing you guys one of my favorite tricks: turning dresses into skirts.

this dress was found at thrift store in the south (where i'm from originally) and is made of this really light, sheer fabric. the downside is that it tears easily, but the upside is that i can turn it into a skirt. i just simply fold the dress in half at the waist and tuck the top part into the skirt (you can see the reverse of this in the last 3 pics). this time i belted it, but in the past i have just tied the arms around my waist and made a high-waisted panel of sorts with the material. it works surprisingly well.

(dress: thrift, blouse: thrift, cardi: old navy, belt: f21, shoes: chinese laundry)


WendyB said...

I like the "how-to" element of these shots.

kristin said...

haha, odd that our posts share the same colors, no? I love that dress- have to start trying to wear my things differently

jessie said...

wendyb: thanks! it was fun to shoot.

kristin: i know, i realized that once i had the post up! :)