15 October 2008

big stripe, little stripe

the love affair with all things striped continues. for someone who doesn't consider themselves a "pattern person" i do wear a lot of stripes and plaid. hmm...

one of my favorite things to do with stripes is to mix the different sizes together. as long as you keep it (reasonably) in the same color family, you should be able to get away with it. one of my favorite combos is a larger black stripe with a small navy stripe, as seen in the pics below.

i also had to include a pic of my new shoes that i purchased this weekend at f21. i don't know if anyone else has noticed, but f21 is killing it with the shoes lately. great stuff in the shoe section every time i go in. as my roommate put it, these are "savage." i completely agree.

cardi:f21, tank: h&m, scarf: h&m, boyfriend jeans: gap, shoes: f21


kristin said...

i still can't get over how great these pics look with the new light! and I love that scarf and now I own those shoes too! I actually bought a really great plaid scarf as well and thought of you!

Mike said...

nice look =)

natalia said...

Great blog!

jessie said...

kristin: i know the light makes such a difference right? i love that thing. i'm so glad you got the shoes too! we're twins now :)

mike: thanks!

natalia: thanks so much, glad you are enjoying it! :)