02 December 2008

still mad for plaid

ahhh...plaid, plaid, plaid, how i love you so. this skirt was purchased at a thrift store and was originally super long-i'm talking painfully modest and unflattering long. i cut it off (yes, i am still juvenile and like to take the scissors to my clothes more often than i should). i purposely did not make it super short and i think when it is belted and worn high-waisted it manages to escape the dreaded catholic school girl territory, no?

the sweatshirt is american apparel (50/25/25 blend)and i think that it might be the perfect sweatshirt. it is thin and feels perfectly worn in, plus it goes with EVERYTHING. i sort of have a love/hate relationship with AA (i absolutely hate their advertising)but i have to admit that they do heathered grey better than anyone else out there.

(skirt: thrifted, sweatshirt: AA, belt: f21, tights: h&m, boots: danielle's)


kristin said...

you look so pretty in this outfit and the colors are perfection :)

PAM said...

i wish u were my lil' stylish sister! :)

WendyB said...

The skirts is great. I love the length. It's nice to see someone shorten something without taking it up to crotch level!

jessie said...

kristin: i only look pretty because you take great pics! :)

PAM: aww, thanks! i don't have a sister, but i always wanted one :)

wendyb: i know! i hate to see people alter all of their skirts and dresses up super short. variety in length is nice.

Sailesina said...

i liked your outfit !!!

jessie said...

sailesina: thanks so much! :)

Market Publique said...

love it! I agree about heather gray and AA.

Did you read Susie's post on AA and hipsters? http://stylebubble.typepad.com/style_bubble/2008/12/a-new-hipster-u.html

Due to an accolade The Observer gave AA, here:

I do love their heathered gray tees, and have a bunch (crewneck, tank, turtleneck), but Jon was kind enough to give me his 70s heathered gray sweatshirt. Amazing.

jessie said...

pamela: yes, i did read that article, i thought it was hilarious :) the description of wburg cracked me up--it's very apt.

70's heathered grey sweatshirt? so jealous!