04 December 2008

i'm addicted...so what?

i know you guys are so surprised to see...more plaid!! yay! come on, you have to stick with a good thing right? i love this shirt so much. it's HUGE and that makes it perfect for layering and throwing over dresses. i actually found this skirt at f21 and it reminds me of those cute little skirts that are all over the swedish-style blogs all the time. i love how it bells out but is still very much loose and fluid. i always have a fear that these skirts will somehow be stiff and pouffy--and that i will end up looking like some sort of deranged ballerina or something. luckily, i don't have to worry about that with this skirt. whew.

ok, i give you my word that my next post will be plaid-free! promise. :)

(shirt: thrifted, skirt: f21, belt: f21, tights: h&m, boots: danielle's)


Market Publique said...

I am addicted to plaid too! The 'tartan attack' outfit I was wearing when we went to dinner is proof!

jessie said...

haha. yes! your "tartan attack" outfit is so perfect! :)