30 December 2008

after christmas christmas present

hi hi hi everyone! it feels like it's been forever! i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday/christmas/hanukkah and tons of great food and great times with your loved ones. i'm sorry for the lack of updates--i was down south visting the family and eating lots of collard greens, turkey and pecan pie. it was fantastic.

hmm...let's see...i don't have many presents to share with you guys. my parents and relatives gave up trying to figure out my style/tastes when i was 14 or so--i usually just get cash to do with as i see fit. oh yeah, it's terrible, i know. ;)

i purchased a few books i have been wanting, twin peaks (boxed set) and a pair of moccasin boots (you will see these very soon!) but nothing too crazy. i splurged on only one item--the large warmer from ozetta! i have been looking for something like this for about a year now and could somehow never find one that was perfect and within my price range. when i saw camille's post about ozetta and saw the warmer, i knew i had to have it. it is just too gorgeous. i decided on the barley-colored one (pictured below). yes, that's right, it is a departure from my usual love affair with all things black and grey. i can't wait to see it. so so excited!

don't worry, dear readers, you will be the first ones to see it! yay!


the_kitten said...

yay, had been waiting for updates, was wondering what took you two so long. Good to read you had a good one. The warmer is absolutely adorable, I am lurking around some to purchase for myself for a while now.

jessie said...

the_kitten: hi! i'm sorry we were gone for so long!! i didn't even realize that it had been three weeks. crazy. this month has just gone by so quickly. good luck finding a warmer! :) if i run across any sites/sellers that look promising, i will send them your way.

Market Publique said...

I love the warmer! It looks so cozy in there. And we should have a Twin Peaks themed party after you've cracked open your boxed set! How much fun would that be?

jessie said...

pamela: i know, i can't wait for the warmer to get here! so excited.

also, i just got twin peaks in the mail yesterday so anytime you want to have a twin peaks/david lynch extravaganza, you just let me know. totally down for that.