19 September 2008

devi kroell

i know NYFW is long gone, but i decided this week that i wanted to try and do a quick recap. then i realized that there is no such thing as a quick recap. so instead, i wanted to share my favorite collection from fashion week. there was a ton of great clothing and a lot of inspiring things, but only one collection had my full attention and awe from start to finish: devi kroell

i am in love with the structure and shapes in this collection. so so beautiful and i wish i could own every single piece of it. a girl can dream, right?


kristin said...

these are great-- hadn't seen these images yet. I especially love that first black dress.

she's originally a handbag designer, no?

jessie said...

kristin: yes, she is originally an accessories designer and this is her first collection. i am in love with that first dress too! so chic. i am smitten with those voluminous skirts too though...such lovely shapes.

choppyshades said...

the first dress is amazing. didn't think i would have liked dresses like these, but i kind of do!

jessie said...

choppyshades: glad you like them! i do too :)