17 September 2008

bags, bags, everywhere

i am not really big on accessories, but i must admit that i do love bags. after a few years of carrying extremely large bags (carry-on luggage size) that caused more than a few bewildered glances from boyfriends, i have finally embraced the small(er) bag. in fact, i replaced my large bag obsession with a fondness for clutches. progress, right?

here are a few of my current faves.


kimmykins13 said...

I can't see clearly but is that an aigner (ivory)? If it is then I think I have the same one that originally belonged to my Mom. I have a black aigner clutch as well that she gave me from (circa) 1970's. Sooo cool.

jessie said...

kimmykins13: it is vintage aigner from the 70s! it is one of my favorite clutches. (i also have a vintage aigner wallet that i bought fot $1 at a flea market a few years ago)
sorry the pics aren't super clear! they looked better on my laptop. :(

Li - Yin said...

I love the yellow one, gorgous.