26 February 2009

old habits die hard

yes, it's true. i am back in my suspender phase. wait, actually i don't think i ever documented this on the blog--it may have been before the blog's time--but i had a hardcore suspender phase last spring/summer. i wore them with anything that i could make them to fasten to. haha.

i have also really been loving this little grey skirt with the pockets. it was a lucky f21 find and i love that you can dress it up or down easily (let's be honest though, i usually dress it down). i've worn it a million different ways, it is a great base for experimentation. also, the shirt is quickly becoming a favorite and i think everyone will be seeing lots more of it once spring finally gets going. it's just sheer enough that i can wear a black bra and not feel totally risque. love it.

(shirt: f21, suspenders: h&m, skirt: f21, tights: h&m, boots: can't remember??)