24 February 2009

ladies (and gentlemen), we have a new blogger!

surprise! we have a new blogger joining the team. i am super psyched to introduce you guys to my fabulous roommate danielle. most of you are already familiar with her (well at least her clothing and shoes-which i would usually steal and wear in my outfit posts). haha. d is an all-around amazing gal and i can't wait for you guys to get to know her and see her great style.

but that's not all...we have yet another new addition to our little blog. andrew michael casey has graciously agreed to photograph our shenanigans. andrew is a talented photographer based in brooklyn and i also can't wait for everyone to see more of his work. in fact, you should check out his site (andrewmichaelcasey.com) and get a better idea of where he's coming from and why we are so excited to be working with him.

so, expect to see some new faces and a new look (nothing drastic though, don't worry!) AND just to show you that not too much has changed, i leave you with some photographic proof of mine and danielle's silliness. nothing but good times ahead guys.


Market Publique said...

Yay! More Rara Avis!!

Also, Andrew Michael Casey's photos are AH-mahzing!

Love the one with the upside-down trapeze artist!

danielle said...

indeed! his photos are somethin...(i love the one with the horse) we're looking forward to his updates and working with him ourselves!