10 August 2008

me and my red shoes, nothing can please us...

the second I saw them I knew they had to come home to join the family. courtesy of the brooklyn flea market.


Jessica said...

LOVE the red shoes youre wearing!


kristin said...

thanks Jessica- I try them on like twice a day, no kidding!

Wakaranai said...

Those shoes are so dreamy!

kristin said...

thanks wakaranai! I love little moments of red

Pinky said...

They’re are adorable

BEACH 11:29 said...

awww mahn!
wen i saw these i gasp!
theyre absolutely gorgeous, great find!
is the bk flea market going on now-i didnt think so in the winter months, but when? i go to school in the city and i love vintage and the goodwill so i would love an excursion here.
who doesnt want high quality clothes for cheap?!
too many exclamation points i think but im happy for the shoes
come for a visit sometime