13 August 2008

design collectives

new york mag has a great article about nyc based design collectives. i personally love the idea of graphic designers, architects, artists and fashion designers sharing space--both working space and store space. collaboration always wins in my book.

if you are in new york you should check these out. i think kristin and i are going to do a "collective crawl" one saturday...anybody in?

many thanks to the lovely sara zucker for bringing this to my attention.


The Clothes Horse said...

All those creative types getting together is rather cool. But I wonder how well any "artist" shares space... ^_^

jessie said...

very good point. it just appeals to my idealistic, bohemian side i suppose :)


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kristin said...

the idea of these collectives totally reminds me of studio space in college- not only was it really fun to see what everyone else was doing but we would end up starting dialogues between different projects.

I'm really eager to see if this holds true of these fashion/design/architecture collectives. Would my building start to inform someone's dress for example??

jessie said...

yes, i would hope that being immersed in all the different mediums would positively impact everyone's projects. at least, that's the ideal. it's something i would love to see.