04 March 2009

so here's a new-to-me favorite of my winter wardrobe. roommate jessie and i had a 'gals clothing swap' some months back and it was a total success. there were roughly 15 gals in our place, with all their give-away clothes draped on every available surface in our loft. by the end of it, we all walked away with some awesome new second-hand duds, and we wound up donating NINE huge trash bags full of clothes to the needy as well. success indeed.

in the midst of all the coffee and mimosa drinking, i wound up scavenging and finding this fantastic vintage high waist wool skirt! and guess whose second hand item it was? jessie's. go figure.

i love wearing this to work, because it looks sophisticated and polished, but also maintains style points. i love how it pops out at the waist slightly to give it that great 50's silhouette. it's also tricky to have a black, brown, tan and orange color scheme without it looking like bad 70's upholstery... but sometimes 70's upholstery can look damn good.

(hm black turtle, hm thick black tights, jessie's old vintage skirt (mine now!), vintage black ankle boots from thrifting in BK)


jessie said...

haha! i'm so glad that skirt found a new home--upstairs, no less. it looks so great on you!

danielle said...

seriously! how had i not seen this guy on the many occasions i went pawing through your closet? so glad i nabbed it!